How Long Does Sushi Last?

Sushi is now trending in America after years of being served and eaten in Japan. If you’re a sushi fan, you should know there’s only so much sushi you can eat in one sitting and you might wish to reserve your sushi for the next day because of your stomach restrictions. “How long does sushi last?”

When it comes to Sushi, how long does it last? Sushi should be consumed within 24 hours of preparation because it is made using fresh seafood.

When stored properly, sushi should last 24 hours after its preparation date.

Because sushi is raw food, it can harbor bacteria very quickly, and become deadly if left out. As a result, regardless of the date, you should not eat sushi that has been left beyond its 24-hour expiration date. Cooked fish is used in several sushi rolls, such as the Philadelphia roll, which contains smoked salmon, California roll, which has cooked crab meat, and the tempura shrimp roll, which contains deep-fried shrimp. If the seafood is cooked, it can be kept for another day or two, although the quality degrades swiftly with each passing day, owing to the rice losing moisture and hardening.

How do you know when sushi goes bad?

If you’re sampling sushi somewhere or attempting to prepare your sushi at home, follow these tried-and-true ways to ensure you’re only eating the freshest fish available. 


The flesh of fresh fish is firm. When you lightly touch your finger on a piece of fish, the flesh should quickly spring back. If it doesn’t, or if the fish feels mushy when you touch it, it isn’t fresh and should be avoided. 


Fresh sushi, contrary to popular belief, should not smell “fishy.” If the fish you’re about to cook or buy has a strong, pungent odor, it’s not fresh and should be avoided. Some places chill fish to the lowest temperature possible when it is old or about to go bad. This method is used in an attempt to hide the odor. Allow a minute or two for your sushi to get to room temperature if it is unusually cold when it comes. You’ll want to send the sushi back to the kitchen if it develops an odor. 


Fish lose their natural color as they get older. It’s a visual indicator that the fish on your dish has likely been sitting in a chiller for longer than it should have been. Sushi is a work of art. It displays the fish’s rich, enticing colors and should be as pleasing to look at as it is to eat.

How long does sushi last at room temperature?

Sushi should be consumed on the same day it is made for the greatest effects. It can be kept at room temperature for up to two hours. If you plan to eat your sushi more than two hours later, keep it refrigerated or in a cold spot. 

All leftovers should be refrigerated as quickly as possible, whether it’s sushi or your soup, the faster you chill your foods, the better. Room temperatures can cause illness-causing bacteria to double in 20 minutes, so the sooner you chill them, the better.

How long does sushi last in the fridge?

In general, the answer to how long can sushi be kept in the fridge takes into account a variety of factors. However, depending on the sushi roll, it might last anywhere from 24 hours to a week. 

Sushi rolls are only as good as the ingredients they’re comprised of. As a result, you should make your decision after knowing about the various expiration dates of the various substances. 

To avoid food illness, sushi rolls should generally be consumed within a twenty-four-hour span. 

Furthermore, for maximum storage freshness, your sushi rolls should be placed in the fridge within 30 minutes to an hour of preparation. 

Finally, the ideal way to store sushi rolls is before putting them in the fridge, to cover them in plastic wrap.

Can you freeze sushi?

Sushi, with its slightly warm rice and fresh layers of high-grade sushi fish inside, is a favorite of ours also one of the worst dishes to eat as leftovers. It turns mushy and tasteless. If you eat raw fish sushi, the fish will most likely spoil. In conclusion, you must not leave your sushi on the counter!

So, what do you do if you have a lot of leftovers from a party or if you accidentally made too many? You can put it in the freezer! 

When it comes to sushi, how long can you keep it? Is it a day? Yes, you can freeze sushi and keep it for a few days, contrary to popular perception. It won’t taste exactly like the fresh one, but it won’t be horrible either. The ingredients are in your sushi will determine how well it freezes. Avocados, for example, do not freeze well. Water crystals can form in raw fish sushi, making the sushi taste watery. However, you can still consume it.

If you’re creating handmade sushi and expect a lot of leftovers, freezing the ingredients separately is the best option. 

Prepare all of the ingredients as usual, but separate the rice, nori, fish, and vegetables into separate containers. After that, place them in the freezer to keep them fresh for longer. 

Depending on the type of vegetables you use, you can store your sushi for 4-5 days or longer this manner. Simply defrost the sushi and construct it as usual when you want to eat it. 

Before putting the fish in the container, avoid slicing it. In the process of freezing and thawing, slicing can cause moisture loss.

How long does it take to freeze sushi?

Talking about freezing sushi, we should note that sushi is best eaten the same day it is made, however, if you will need to store sushi in the freezer, you can leave it for about 2-3 hours. If it hasn’t properly frozen by this time, leave it for an extra hour or two. It should have completely frozen now, you can make sure of this by examining the sushi, it should be hard, solid, and less springy.

How long will sushi last in the freezer?

Like we have said above, sushi is not the best food for the freezer, however, your leftover sushi can last a day or two in the freezer. It’s not safe to keep it longer than a very few days, so bring it out after 1-2 days. Note, however, that your fish/ sushi might not taste exactly as it should though, but it might still be okay for consumption.

Best way to store sushi?

When you’re making sushi, it’s best to make what you can eat or even buy what you’ll finish because no one pictures keeping sushi for the next time. Most types of sushi will not last more than a day at room temperature, while the ones that can be kept in cold storage may not last more than 1-2 days. For homemade sushi, you can freeze the ingredients separately, and combine them when you’re ready to use, this will make them last longer. 


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