How Long Do Papayas Last?

If you have papaya, it’s only normal that you wonder how long they will last. Knowing how long food will last, will help you store them properly, and also help you know the best storage method to use. 

Before you begin to store papaya, you must know if it’s ripe or not. There are two major ways to identify ripe papaya; color and feel. If the papaya is very green, then it is unripe, when papayas are ripe, they have a green and yellow-orange color. The texture should be slightly soft too, however, if it’s hard, then you must know that your papaya is unripe. 

This is all you need to look out for when checking is your papaya is ripe or unripe. 

So how long do papayas last?

We will focus on the time duration of ripe papayas only. However, we must note that unripe papayas take up to a week to ripen. This is not the case for all unripe papayas, the ones that are all green and hard will take longer to ripen. It’s good to know that you can hasten the ripening process of the fruit by wrapping it in a plastic bag and storing it in a warm corner, when the fruit becomes ripe, you can put it in the fridge to prevent it from becoming overripe. When papayas are ripe, they will become overripe after 2-3 days on the counter. You shouldn’t squeeze papaya to feel it as it will break apart, especially if it’s overripe.

Whole papayas will last for 4-6 days on the counter, 6-9 days in the fridge, and  6-12 months in the freezer while cut papayas will last for 2-4 hours on the counter, 2-3 days in the fridge, and 6-12 months in the freezer. 

How do you know when papayas go bad?

It’s pretty simple to tell if your papaya fruit has gone bad.

You will notice the appearance of dark spots for starters. If the spots are small then you might not need to worry much, but if they appear all over the skin, then you should know that they are gone.

The appearance of mold is another thing. If you notice mold on your papaya it’s either the whole fruit has gone bad or it is that section alone. However, if the mold growth and spread are too much, toss the papaya in the bin.

Noticing extremely mushy and sunken spots. If you notice mushiness on your papaya you can cut the particular section out, but if it is all over your fruit, just throw it away.

If you take note of any sour or Fermented smell and taste, you should refrain from eating such papaya fruit. Throw it away.

Look out for these signs and always practice food safety and hygiene because rotten fruits can be poisonous.

How long does papaya last at room temperature?

The answer is 2-3 days. Anytime above this will make the papaya overripe, and to prevent your papaya from becoming overripe, you should keep it on the fridge.

How long does papaya last in the fridge?

First and foremost, before you can put papaya in the fridge, you have to ensure that it is ripe. Putting unripe papaya in the fridge will prevent it from ripening properly, or not ripening at all. 

Once your papaya has stayed on the counter for 2 days, you should have it transferred to the fridge because it will start to become overripe from thereon. 

Papaya will keep in the fridge for about 6-9 days if they’re whole and 2-3 days if they’re cut. Cut papayas should be stored in an airtight container before refrigerating them, you should also ensure that they are properly dry, because moisture is bad for their preservation. Make sure they are kept in the crisper drawer where it is cooler.

Can you freeze papayas?

Papayas are better left unfrozen. However, if you know that you have more than you can finish in time, then maybe you can freeze them. The downside of freezing papayas is that they will be watery and mushy after thawing, you should consider using them for smoothies at this point. 

As mentioned earlier, your fruit must be ripe before you refrigerate or freeze it. 

Here’s how you should freeze a papaya

Step 1: Peel the fruits, remove the seeds and slice them into as many pieces as you want. The thickness of each slice should depend on your preference.

Step 2: Get a flat tray or baking sheet and spread the papaya on it. Make sure that they don’t touch one another or they will freeze together. Freeze them for about four hours, after which they must have frozen properly.

Step 3: Transfer them into a plastic bag after they’ve frozen properly. Put as much as you want into a bag, write the date on the label you are going to paste on the bag to keep track of time. 

This is all you need to do, as you can see it’s that simple.

How long does it take to freeze papayas?

Papayas can be frozen easily, it’s best to cut them into very small sections to get them frozen faster. 2-3 hours is enough to freeze papaya properly. However if the papaya isn’t properly frozen after your examination, leave it for some extra hours or overnight.

How long do papayas last in the freezer?

Papayas should last about 6-12 months in the freezer. The papaya will retain its freshness it suffers no interruptions and if the freezer bag isn’t spoilt. It’s best to keep the estimated time in mind. 

How long do papayas last in cold storage?

Papayas will last about 6-9 days in the fridge if they’re whole and if they’re cut they’ll keep for about 2-3 days. While freezing will keep them for about 6-12 months.

Best way to store papayas?

To get the best out of papayas you should eat them while they are ripe. The counter is the most preferred place for papaya, however, you should keep them in the fridge after they have exceeded 2-3 days on the counter so that they won’t become overripe. 


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