How Long Do Grapefruits Last?

Grapefruits, like most fruits, have no expiration or best before dates on them. This is why it’s important to keep an eye on them by using their purchase or more harvest dates. 

Grapefruits come in a variety, of which is significantly the color of the flesh. The skin color can range from almost red to yellow, the flesh color is what determines whether a grapefruit is white, pink, or red. Color is accompanied by a spectrum of acidity.

Grapefruits with their fiber and vitamin C content, are one of the most appreciated fruits among dietitians and other people who eat healthily. Their relatively long shelf life, ease of mobility, and extraordinarily high concentration of antioxidants are another reason why the fruit is so popular.

So, how long does it take grapefruit to rot? Some of the most common expiration dates for grapefruits that are stored properly can be found below.

Fresh grapefruits last for about 2-3 weeks on the counter and 5-6 weeks in the refrigerator. While cut grapes will only last that day, 2-3 days in the refrigerator, and 10-12 months in the freezer.

How do you know when grapefruits go bad?

Although not perfect, your senses are the most trustworthy tools for determining whether or not your grapefruit has gone bad after its expiration date. Soft texture and skin discoloration are two prominent characteristics of a poor grapefruit. The soft spot becomes damp and can develop mold, which is usually colored white at first and should be thrown out.

Of course, there are some health hazards linked with rotting goods, so always remember to practice food safety and consume your food before its expiration date!

Foodborne diseases are often avoided by following proper cleanliness and food safety procedures. 

How long do grapefruits last at room temperature?

At room temperature, whole grapefruits will last about 2-3 weeks, while cut ones will only last a day. After the first 24 hours at room temperature, the cut grapefruit’s freshness and nutritional content will begin to decline dramatically. Bacteria and mold will start to form on the cut grapefruits that are left for more than a few hours at room temperature environment. It is not safe to leave them out at room temperature for longer than 2 hours. Put them in the refrigerator where they can last about 2-3 days and bring them out only when necessary.

The best time to bring them out is the time for consumption. 

How long do grapefruits last in the fridge?

When stored in the refrigerator, whole grapefruits normally last 1 to 2 weeks, while cut ones last 2-3 days. Make sure grapefruits are stored in a crisper drawer with plenty of airflows, so ethylene gas isn’t trapped. 

Should you wash grapefruits before putting them in the fridge? No. Do not wash the grapefruits until just before eating. Excessive moisture promotes bacterial development and accelerates the deterioration of grapefruits.

Can you freeze grapefruits?


It’s no news that if you want fruits to last longer, you can freeze them. Yes, you can totally freeze plums, but how do you go about it?

The process of freezing grapefruit is simple. To guarantee that your grapefruit is frozen properly, simply follow these simple steps: 

  • Step 1: wash your fruit. Even though you’ll be removing the peel, it’s necessary to clean the grapefruit by rinsing it under cold water for a few seconds. 
  • Step 2: Peel the grapefruit and place it on a chopping board or a clean kitchen surface. You can either peel the grapefruit whole or cut it in half and scoop out the fruit with a spoon. When peeling the fruit, whatever method you use, be cautious not to bruise it.
  • Step 3: Once you have the inside of the fruit in your hands, slice it into segments or cubes, depending on your preference. If you don’t want to lose the juice, don’t push down too hard on the grapefruit. 
  • Step 4: Don’t be tempted to throw your grapefruit in the freezer as soon as you’ve cut them. Cover them with plastic wrap after placing them on a wax sheet on a tray. Then freeze the dish for several hours, or until the grapefruit is totally frozen. 
  • Step 5: Remove the frozen fruit from the freezer, place it in an airtight container or resealable plastic bag, and place it back in the freezer.

How long does it take to freeze grapefruits?

Freezing grapefruits should only take a few hours. However, you should carefully examine the fruit to make sure that it’s frozen properly. After examinations and you’re not quite sure if it’s properly frozen, leave it for some extra hours or better still, overnight.

How long do grapefruits last in the freezer?

Grapefruits will last for about 10-12 months in the freezer when stored properly and continually without any interruptions. If stored properly, grapefruits can even last longer than a year, however, it’s best to stick to the recommended time frame.

How long do grapefruits last in cold storage?

Grapefruits will last for 10-12 months in the freezer. However, they will last for 5-6 weeks in the fridge if they’re whole and 2-3 days if they’re cut. Grapefruits do not really need to be in cold storage, they can do just fine on the counter if they’ll be consumed within a short time. Cold storage is only ideal if you want to keep them longer than their recommended room temperature life span.

Best way to store grapefruits?

The best way to store grapefruits depends on the desired time of consumption and personal interest. Grapefruits are not so delicate so they can last for 2-3 weeks on the counter, however, if you store them in the fridge, maybe to keep them for longer, or to make them refreshing, they’ll last for 5-6 weeks. If the grapefruit is cut, it will only last that same day, so to keep it for some extra time, refrigerate it for 2-3 days.

Finally, freezing both whole and cut grapefruits will keep them for 10-12 months, so freeze them if you want them to last in your care for that particular period.


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